We advise all buyers of heat pump systems, whether it’s from us or another place, to take into consideration a number of things


Customers should always look for high energy ratings for any heating system purchases they make. The HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and Operating Temperature are the two most important ratings to look for when buying heating systems for your house. The higher these ratings are the beneficial it is for the system for its longevity, sustenance and efficiency. If one heat pump has a higher HSPF rating over the other. It will be less expensive to run.


Operating Temperature

Every heat pump is rated for different outdoor temperatures. It does not necessarily mean that it will stop working until the specified outdoor temperature is reached. Most systems work until at least -15 degrees Celsius. We are a long way from the systems which worked at until -5. Our LG Systems operate down to -25 degrees Celsius. Due to this factor into consideration customers can be worry free and not face any issue regarding their pumps not working due to steep dives in outdoor temperature. For our climate a heat pump of at east -20 degrees should do justice in a single zone system where as -18 degrees in a multi zone.


Air Circulation

Normally a 12000 BTU heat pump covers 700-800 square feet. High circulation rating of the systems is also key for a designated area to be cooler or warmer faster. A higher circulation rating (500 cubic feet per minute) is ideal for a space equal or smaller than 1000 square feet.


Noise Level

Noise level of the these systems are mostly over looked and are overpowered by the energy efficiency rating as customers tend to focus more on them. Too much noise from the heating and cooling systems can jeopardize your comfort and you will not be able to use them often. Our featured collection has a noise level of about 17db which is the same noise level as in a library. Hence it’s worthwhile to check the noise level when you decide to go for a particular model.


Huge savings

To understand the savings made by the use of heat pumps one must understand the working of a heat pump.

A heat pump transports heat energy from outside to the inside of a house hence making them a “heat transporter” rather than a “heat generator”. Using oil to heat your home incurs costs from oil burning. And purchase of oil. If you are heating your house with an electrical heater directly. You are paying to create heat through electrical resistance. Both these methods can cause you to pay a lot more than you should. Customers may not realize this when they pay monthly for example. But in the cumulative costs are much more if you consider year-along costs.

Ductless Heat Pumps save you all these costs from oil and fuel burning to using more electricity units by using electricity only to move heat from one place to another. The heat is transported from outdoors to indoors using the refrigeration technology. Even at freezing temperatures of -25 degrees there is still heat energy present in the ambient air. An efficient Ductless system will gather these small packets of heat energy and transfer them through a refrigerant system (inside the heat pump) to the inside of your home providing heat to the space you want with incurring huge costs.


More Heating- Less consumption

The one-to-one ratio, on which the old oil and electric heat systems work are a far cry from today’s four-to-one-ratio heat pumps. One unit of electricity or oil creates one unit of heat in a traditional oil and electric heating system. With continuing rise in the prices of oil and electricity per units, you are just adding more to your utility bill. Whereas through ductless heat pumps provide up to four units of heat with only one unit of electricity hence, you are receiving three to four times more heat consuming less amount of electricity.



The size of the heat pump required solely depends on the lay out and square footage of the living space. Heat pumps are sized by BTU’s. The commonly used sizes for residential applications are 9000,12000,15000 and 18000 BTU’s.

12000 BTUs sized Models are ideal for a space of 550 sqft – 800 sqft whereas 15000 -18000 BTUs sized models are best for 750 – 1200 sqft of living space.


Heating Level

Generally, most of the brands will generate more heat than specified. For example LG Prestige 12000 BTU model produces 13600 BTU’s of heat. It is advised to keep the max heat level in mind when purchasing a heating system so you get more heat even when the outside temperatures drop.



While purchasing your heat pumps, there are three factors to be considered for warranty coverage.

  • Compressor
  • Parts
  • Labor

Some manufacturers may bundle parts and labor warranty together while others may combine parts and compressor warranty together. LG models for example have a 10-year compressor and 5 year parts warranty. Hence warranty can be a contributing factor towards your purchase of Heat pumps.



12000 BTU Models range from $3000 to $3600 + HST

15000 to18000 BTU Models range from $3700 to $5300 + HST

Multi Zone Systems- although these systems are harder to estimate the price for due to varying size of indoor and outdoor heads but typically they range from $5700 to $9700 +HST

There is not a single best brand or model for heat pumps, instead, different models suit best for different types of homes and layouts. It is advised that customers don’t take the price only as a deciding factor rather considers all of the specifications above to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings while keeping warm.


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